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  • Holder Material: resin
  • Size when display: 16x 24 cm (6.3x 9.5inch). Dragon disk diameter: 15.5cm (6.1inch)
  • Table top decoration -- Fantastic and attractive style. After the smoke from the incense cone spiraling upward, it then burns downward through the dragons mouth as if it were breathing.
  • Smoke backflow feature -- The smoke will drip like water and pool into the basin, very relaxing and serene when you watch on it
  • Package: 1 resin incense holder in well packaged box.

Gorgeous Incense Holder -- Special and unique smoke effect, creating serene atmosphere

1. Place the burner in a calm room.
2. Kindle the incense and put it on the holder. The smoke will flows down like water .
3. Backflow incense leaves residue after burning,but it’s easy to clean, just rinse the residue away.

Warm-Tips: As with all burners, it is very sensitive to airflow. To get the best experience, we suggest you to use it under windless condition.

Holder Material: Resin
Size: Portable (please see specific data on the bullet point)
Time: A cone incense usually last for 10min.

►About Incense:
*Use the special cones with the hole in the bottom to get the smoke pooling effect.
*You can order back-flow incense or variety cones and drill a small hole in the bottom.

1x incense holder in well packaged box
Does Not include incense

Hanging Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

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